I found this article on Scuba Diving email and thought it would be informative for people.  If you are thinking of getting your children into diving, read this first. All certifying agencies offer an adult open-water certification at age 15, and a junior open-water card at age 10, which usually requires the child to dive with a certified adult. There are also introductory scuba experiences starting at age 8. But what matters more than your child’s age is his or her maturity level and desire to learn. Ask yourself these five questions to be sure your kid is ready to take the first step in becoming your dive buddy.
Scuba Diving Kids Are You Ready

Is your child ready to scuba dive? The age limit is 12 years old, but here are questions to ask yourself.

1. Does your child have the strength for scuba diving?

While dive-gear manufacturers make smaller gear just for kids, scuba diving is a gear-intensive sport that requires being able to stand up, fully geared up while wearing a tank.

2. Does your child have the coordination for scuba diving?

We adults have an easy time managing inflate/deflate valves, adjusting BCs and maintaining trim underwater. Make sure your kid can do the same without help from an adult.

3. Will your child pay attention to the training?

If your child isn’t disciplined or focused in other educational settings, wait a bit longer.

4. Will your child follow the safety rules?

It’s a lot of fun to dive, and ultimately, that’s what you want your youngster to enjoy, but it’s important he or she has the maturity to follow all the safety rules, such as maximum depths and safety stops.

5. Does your child have the desire?

Don’t push a child into diving if he or she isn’t ready. Remember, you are trying to do something fun that you can share as a parent and child. If you push a child before he or she is ready, that child may never dive again.

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