The choice to buy or rent is a big one.  The cost of buying a new scuba tank can be a dent in the budget, but if you are an avid diver it may pay off to purchase.  If you are thinking about owning your own tank, you should think twice, I mean you will need 2 tanks.  When you go diving you usually do 2 dives.


Then when you make the decision to purchase your tank, what do you do then?  2 things that you should do is, have the tanks inspected every year and the 2nd thing is never let moisture get into the tank.  That sounds pretty straightforward doesn’t it?  Well, sometimes it is beyond your control as far as moisture in the tank.  When you have your tanks filled, it has been shown that if the fill station uses water to attempt to cool your tank, that may be where you get moisture.

The ubiquitous tub of water at the fill station may not be as good an idea as it sounds. That’s because the water tub is a prime source of moisture getting inside scuba tanks. The alleged cooling effect of the water actually has little impact on the fill, and the tub provides little buffer in the unlikely event of a tank explosion. Better to reduce the possibility of explosions by dry-filling.


The fill operator should let a little blast of air out of the tank and the fill whip to clear any moisture on either surface.  This is a great practice or habit to follow.  Along with proper filling procedures,  you should never completely empty your scuba tank.  If you have pressure in the tank it is less of a chance of any moisture getting inside to cause damage.  What damage can moisture do in my tank, you ask?  Well, if it is a steel tank, you risk the chance of rust. on the inside eating away at the integrity.   On an aluminum  tank, it will oxidize and that can travel to your regulator or  into your lungs.


So to sum it all up,  it is better to own your own tanks and take care of them.  They will last almost a lifetime with proper care.




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