Tahoe Dive Sites

Diving laws for Nevada: The State of Nevada requires all divers to remain within 100 feet of a dive flag any time they are in the water snorkeling or scuba diving. This includes dives that originate within swim areas but proceed outside the marked swim area even if the diver remains submerged.

Dive Lake Tahoe

Scuba dive Lake Tahoe with Adventure Scuba. We are Reno's premiere dive shop and know all the best Lake Tahoe diving sites. Our gear is available for rent and we offer guides for popular diving destinations. We also offer Altitude Scuba Training for High Altitude Diving (call us at 775.826.5333 to schedule a class or for more information).

Tahoe Scuba Diving


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Scuba dive the jewel of the Sierra Nevadas. High Altitude diving at 6200 feet with pristine clear waters. Lake Tahoe temperatures range from 40 degrees in the wintermonths to the 60's in the late summer and fall.

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Dive Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor

Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe

Beginners to Advanced. Nice protected cove with a depth of about 20 feet. Swim out to the wall for more advanced dives.

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Scuba Dive Hurricane Bay

Hurricane Bay

Hurricane Bay Lake Tahoe

Located on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe just south of Sunnyside. A sunken 25 foot sailboat is the main attraction. Intermediate to Advanced scuba divers and Technical diving.

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Sunnyside Tahoe Scuba Dive


Sunnyside Lake Tahoe

A nice park setting next door to the Sunnyside Restaurant and Inn at the William Kent State Park. Intermediate to Advanced scuba diving. Stop by the restaurant afterwards for a snack.

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Rubicon Wall Scuba Dive

Rubicon Wall

Rubicon Wall Lake Tahoe

A shear cliff that goes down to about 1000 ft. Beautiful topography and ledges. Boat scuba dive or surface swim from DL Bliss State Park.Intermediate, Advanced and Technical diving.

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Dive Monterey Coast Guard Pier


Monterey, Coast Guard Pier

Breakwater Cove and Coast Guard Pier are located in Monterey Bay California.This dive site provides a gradual slope for easy entrance for divers with plenty of seals and aquatic life.

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Lake Tahoe Facts

Tahoe Max. Depth
1,645 ft (Second deepest in the U.S.)

Tahoe Average depth
1,000 ft

Tahoe Surface area
191 mi2

Tahoe Average Surface Elevation
6,225 ft

Tahoe Shoreline
72 mi

Average Surface Water Temp. Feb. - Mar.
40° - 50°F

Average Surface Water Temp. Aug. - Sep.
65° - 70°F

Average Water Temp. below 600 to 700 ft

Tahoe Aquatic Life
Kokanee Salmon, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Mackinaw Trout, Crawdads and more.

Scuba Diving at Lake Tahoe

Scuba Diving at Lake Tahoe is one of the wonderful advantages of living or visiting in this area. You have a wide choice of Scuba diving sites around the lake. Sand Harbor is a great scuba dive site. It ranges from beginning diver to advanced. Sand Harbor has a very slight depth increase for several hundred yards, then it drops off. You will see some very large rock croppings, an old barge in the cove and some small swim throughs. It is a favorite place for scuba dive training dives.

Meeks Bay on the California side of the lake, is a very nice scuba dive site. Meeks Bay campground has a great setup for scuba diving. A great beach, and picnic tables to stage your gear on, that are close to the water. Bathroom are close, which is a plus. Meeks Bay is in a small harbor, and has a slight depth increase for about 100 yards, then drops off. Scuba Dive to the North, the boat channel is to the south.

One of the best scuba dive sites on the lake (in my opinion) is Rubicon Wall at DL Bliss State Park. In the bay you can practice your skills in the shallow water (about 10-15ft), then swim out to the point and drop down on the wall. It is a shear rock wall that goes very deep, so you need to watch your depth. At altitude it is suggested that you not go below 100 ft. According to the theoretical depth charts, at lake level, the difference in atmospheric pressure 100ft is like diving 130ft at sea level. Wow that is confusing. That is why we have a class certification to learn all about diving at altitude.

If you are lucky enough to own a boat and can get to Emerald Bay, that is a great scuba dive. At the buoy marker across the bay from the campground, are 3 barges. The 1st one is just under the surface, about 10ft, then they go down the hill to about 40ft. They are very cool.

Lake Tahoe is one of the largest, deepest, and clearest lakes in the world. Its cobalt blue appearance, spectacular alpine setting, and remarkable water clarity is recognized worldwide. The Lake’s earliest inhabitants, the Washoe Tribe, demonstrated a deep respect for the fragile environment that was their home and still revere this magnificent place. Recreational opportunities and scenic vistas have made Lake Tahoe a top national and international tourist destination.