Scuba Rental Equipment

Rental Prices Per Day

Air Tanks

Nitrox Tanks 72CF

Nitrox Tanks 100CF


Mask & Snorkel





Buoyancy Compensator

Regulator Setup w/computer

Complete Set of Gear with 2 tanks
$55.00 (Includes 2 Tanks, BCD, Regulator )​

Drysuit with undergarment

Dive Flag

Weight Belt
$0.25 per pound

Please bring your valid certification card when renting equipment.

Equipment Services

We service most major brands of equipment; Aqualung, Atomic, Oceanic, Aeris, Sherwood and more.
Regulator Service for 1st stage and 2nd stage
$40 per stage plus parts kit*

Octopus Service
$40 plus parts kit*

BCD w/Standard LP Inflator
$25 plus parts kit*

BCD w/Alternate Air Source
$50 plus parts kit*

Computer Battery Change with Pressure Test
$35 plus battery*

Air Fills

Nitrox Fills for Std size tank

Visual Tank Inspection

Hydro-static Tank Inspection
Bench Test Only
*Parts kits generally are $15 - $40, depending on Manufacturer.