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Quad Air w/LED Tank Module

Quad Air w/LED Tank Module


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Part Number:495123 Manufacturer: Mares

Quad Air w/ LED Tank Module

  • Magnificently clear display with jumbo size information.
  • Two customizable fields for ancillary information.
  • Four buttons for intuitive user interface.
  • Mirrored button function during dive.
  • Option to view dive time including seconds.
  • Runaway deco alarm.
  • Multigas capable.
  • Decompression dive planner with user adjustable surface interval.
  • Long battery life, user replaceable.
  • Colours: bk, wh
  • Indicator battery: Yes
  • Lithium battery: Yes
  • Dive planner: Yes
  • Setting metric/imperial units: Yes
  • Setting sweet or salty water: Yes
  • The possibility of deleting saturation: Yes
  • Audible alarms On/Off: Yes
  • Uncontrolled output On/Off: Yes
  • Graphic indicator of ascent rate: Yes
  • Digital display of output. Speed (m/min): Yes
  • Altitude: Yes

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