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Incident Report: DIVERS: Sven (AOW, 100-plus dives), Morris (OW, 20-plus) and Olivia (OW, 30-plus) SITE: Tropical shore dive, entry into 12 feet of water, 45-degree slope to 50 feet with spur-and-groove coral rising 8-12 feet above a sandy bottom CONDITIONS: Slight chop, 60-70 feet visibility, 80°F, no current Making a third dive on a resort’s… Read More

Wow, in all the years of diving at Lake Tahoe I have never seen the temperatures this high. With the snow pack we received this last year, I am shocked at how warm the lake is. On a normal year, we would be in the mid 60’s at this time. We are at 70 approaching… Read More

I found this article written be DAN staff and found it interesting read.  Some basic information on ear problems while scuba diving.   How to Equalize- featured from DAN (Divers Alert Network) From simple cases of swimmer’s ear to the serious and sometimes lasting damage of barotrauma, divers are vulnerable to ear problems because the delicate… Read More

I was reading the PADI email and found this article by John Kinsella about giving a Dive Briefing.  It has some very good information in it.  For the dive leaders in the group, it is worth a read. Article by John Kinsella “I’d have given you a shorter briefing, but I didn’t have the time”… Read More

I found this article on Scuba Diving email and thought it would be informative for people.  If you are thinking of getting your children into diving, read this first. All certifying agencies offer an adult open-water certification at age 15, and a junior open-water card at age 10, which usually requires the child to dive… Read More

You’ve finished your dive and signal your buddy that it’s time to surface. You start up slowly, but with more than 30 years of dive experience and hundreds of logged dives, you long ago stopped timing your ascent to the surface — which you learned should be 60 feet per minute. Well, that was the… Read More

Generally, members of a dive staff make a living wage, but often not by much. In some regions or situations, staff works entirely for tips. Gratuities can make a big difference, not only to the quality of life for dive staff, but also when it comes to the service you receive. Diving is a service… Read More

Incident Report DIVERS: Jason (Divemaster, 890-plus dives), Bill (Divemaster, 1,500-plus dives) SITE: Boat dive, Florida Keys CONDITIONS: 82˚F water, visibility 80 feet, sunny and hot Preparing for their first dive of the day, Jason and Bill started through a BWRAF (BC, Weight system, Releases, Air, Final check) predive safety check. At Air, they confirmed full… Read More

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