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  • Dive Experience: A total of over 40 years of dive experience.  We are the only dive shop in Nevada that teaches both SSI and PADI.
  • Friendly staff: Family-owned dive shop. Your diving interests are our priority. We like to get to know you and your diving likes, and love to travel with our customers. We treat you as part of the diving family.
  • Recommendations: Our knowledgeable Sales Staff can help you purchase the right equipment for your diving style. We can tell you the Pros and Cons of most equipment and can also help you with the right-sizing of your equipment and apparel. We do not sell you anything you don’t want or need. We take an interest in you.
  • Support your local economy: Keeping your dollars local will strengthen your local economy.

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  • Warranty Service: We warranty everything we sell. If we can fix it, we do, if not we send it to the manufacturer for repair.
  • Keeps service prices low: You can’t buy air fills through the internet. Where would you go for air fills and services if there were no local dive shops? We strive to keep the costs of these services low, but without product purchases, we would need to raise the prices of these services.
  • Service: We have the highest quality service area in Nevada. We use only OEM parts and have OEM tools for the repair. Other shops will use a crescent wrench when it requires specific tools for the repair.
  • No shipping charges
  • Easy, No Hassle Returns: If you purchase any product that doesn’t fit, you don’t like, or for any other reason; as long as it has not been used, you can return it at any time within 30 days of purchase. (Classes and special orders not included.)

Adventure Scuba Owner


Brennan Bender 


Padi-Master Scuba Diver Trainer , SSI- Advanced Open Water Instructor , Sidemount Instructor, Drysuit instructor , Enriched Air instructor , Deep Specialty Instuctor , Altitude Instructor , Technical Diver

Brennan started diving in 2011 and started instructing in 2016.  

A local from Reno, NV, Brennan fell in love with diving in the Cayman Islands while on vacation . He continued to dive in spots including Local Lakes and Rivers , Honduras , The Red Sea, Thailand , British Virgin Islands and others for 5 years  . In 2015 Brennan decided to move to Thailand for 10 months of in-depth training in Ao Nang,  learning and working his way to his to MSDT with PADI .  Since then Brennan has made home in Reno/Tahoe instructing students from all over . In 2021 Brennan purchased Adventure Scuba from then owners Scott and Amy Hagen. 

Brennan's passion for teaching and diving is apparent in everything he does . 


Adventure Scuba Team

Steve Clark 

SSI and PADI Intructor

Steve began diving in 1997 and has been all over the West Coast, Baja Mexico, Central America and the Virgin Islands.  After a 30-year career in public safety, Steve retired from the Reno Fire Dept. in 2021 and joined the Adventure Scuba crew as a Divemaster in 2022, and then became a PADI and SSI instructor in early 2023



Andrew Rothwell

 SSI Instructor


Andrew Rothwell was born in Rhodesia, and raised in South Africa. It was in South Africa at a very early age he learned how to snorkel and played in the tidal pools of the Indian Ocean at every opportunity. After moving to the USA in 1999, he moved to Reno in 2012 with his wife Amanda, sometime after that he contacted Adventure Scuba, and became Open water certified with his wife.  In the last 5 years,he has gone from open water certified to Dive Master and became an Instructor in 2022. He is currently working on his Classified diver instructor.  The SSI Classified Diving program provides students with limited mobility and/or sensory disorders with the adaptive training necessary to dive with one or more Classified Dive Buddies, and/or a Classified Dive Professional depending on their abilities, in environments and to depths equivalent with their training.

Ryan Roberts


Kevin Strawn

Assistant Instructor

Sayde Miura




Robert Silva

Scott Hagen