You’ve finished your dive and signal your buddy that it’s time to surface. You start up slowly, but with more than 30 years of dive experience and hundreds of logged dives, you long ago stopped timing your ascent to the surface — which you learned should be 60 feet per minute. Well, that was the… Read More

What a great trip again this year. The weather was great, sun shine most of the time. The Peace Boat was good, the food and service was excellent. The deck hands were very helpful. The dive sites were fantastic. As you can see some of the pictures that were taken by Sayde. We only had… Read More

Tessie, the Monster of Lake Tahoe The state’s largest freshwater lake, Tahoe has long been rumored to be home to both an underwater Mob graveyard, and a huge, unknown creature. A story often told around Tahoe is that a few years back, a fisherman trolling off the South Shore got his hook caught on something… Read More

This weekend PADI class was a great success. We had 8 students in the class and they all did very well. Paul, our youngest diver was 11years old. Myself and Mitch were the 2 instructors. The water tempature was 66 degrees at 25 feet. The location was Sand Harbor on the Nevada side of Lake… Read More

We went out to Meeks Bay this weekend for a couple of dive. Meeks Bay is on the Califorina side of Lake Tahoe. The park opened on Memorial Day weekend. It was a little chilly at 8:00am but it started to warm up quickly. We palnned the dive and did our surface interval from comming… Read More