I found this article written be DAN staff and found it interesting read.  Some basic information on ear problems while scuba diving.   How to Equalize- featured from DAN (Divers Alert Network) From simple cases of swimmer’s ear to the serious and sometimes lasting damage of barotrauma, divers are vulnerable to ear problems because the delicate… Read More

You’ve finished your dive and signal your buddy that it’s time to surface. You start up slowly, but with more than 30 years of dive experience and hundreds of logged dives, you long ago stopped timing your ascent to the surface — which you learned should be 60 feet per minute. Well, that was the… Read More

Generally, members of a dive staff make a living wage, but often not by much. In some regions or situations, staff works entirely for tips. Gratuities can make a big difference, not only to the quality of life for dive staff, but also when it comes to the service you receive. Diving is a service… Read More

Some divers seem never to run low on air, while others struggle to stay down for 30 minutes. In this four-part series we’ll address how to fix poor air consumption. In this third installment of our series on addressing poor air consumption when scuba diving, we’ll examine neutral buoyancy and breathing. Donald descended through the… Read More

What a great trip again this year. The weather was great, sun shine most of the time. The Peace Boat was good, the food and service was excellent. The deck hands were very helpful. The dive sites were fantastic. As you can see some of the pictures that were taken by Sayde. We only had… Read More

While some forms of technical diving do indeed demand extensive training and experience, much of the sport is also quite accessible. Technical diving myths and misconceptions keep many divers from giving it a try, although common opinion is slowly beginning to shift. Here we’ll offer an overview of the main misconceptions, as well as explain… Read More

Medical and Physical Fitness Poor medical and physical fitness can compromise your safety in general and may increase your risk of DCS. Definitive data are limited, but there is no question that it is prudent to maintain a high level of physical fitness and to dive progressively more conservatively as your fitness level declines. Safe… Read More

The Peace Dive Boat and crew is a very professional operation that works hard in making your dive experience memorable. The crew will go out of their way to assist you in any way or form, ranging from general dive advice, equipment repair, or any special needs. The crew is well-rounded and can answer general… Read More

You may be wondering, just what it would take to become one of the gifted people and become a certified diver. Well, it is not that hard. To start with you sould be able to tread water for 10 minutes, and you will need to be able to swim 300 yards with a mask, fins,… Read More