Wow, in all the years of diving at Lake Tahoe I have never seen the temperatures this high. With the snow pack we received this last year, I am shocked at how warm the lake is. On a normal year, we would be in the mid 60’s at this time. We are at 70 approaching… Read More

I was reading the PADI email and found this article by John Kinsella about giving a Dive Briefing.  It has some very good information in it.  For the dive leaders in the group, it is worth a read. Article by John Kinsella “I’d have given you a shorter briefing, but I didn’t have the time”… Read More

I found this article on Scuba Diving email and thought it would be informative for people.  If you are thinking of getting your children into diving, read this first. All certifying agencies offer an adult open-water certification at age 15, and a junior open-water card at age 10, which usually requires the child to dive… Read More

Incident Report DIVERS: Jason (Divemaster, 890-plus dives), Bill (Divemaster, 1,500-plus dives) SITE: Boat dive, Florida Keys CONDITIONS: 82˚F water, visibility 80 feet, sunny and hot Preparing for their first dive of the day, Jason and Bill started through a BWRAF (BC, Weight system, Releases, Air, Final check) predive safety check. At Air, they confirmed full… Read More

  It’s the underwater equivalent to huffing and puffing during a weekend run while your friend bounds ahead of you — ending a dive because you’re low on air while your buddy still has plenty. What’s his or her secret? All Things Are Not Equal If you finish the dive with less in your cylinder… Read More

How to Select an Underwater Video Light By Sy Harris Though today’s video cameras are very light sensitive, many scenes require you to use artificial lighting; Most notably wrecks, caves, night dives, murky water, diving in Monterey etc. Artificial lights will not only brighten areas where ambient light cannot reach, they also restore color to… Read More

I tell my Tahoe story the same way others tell theirs: I came here for a winter; decided to stay for a summer, and I haven’t left yet. And the things that kept me here are the same things that keep us all: skiing, biking, hiking, boating, climbing. For years, it’s like I was in… Read More

When it comes to dive prep, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Incident Report DIVERS: Bill (instructor, 800-plus dives), Edgar (instructor, 500-plus dives) and Breanna (divemaster, 300-plus dives) SITE: Breakwater, California, Channel Islands   CONDITIONS: Visibility 100 feet, 68°F For their third dive at the site that day, the trio planned a dusk dive… Read More

6 October, 2016 at 4:31 pm Success for Sharks and Rays at CITES CoP17 Posted by Danielle Schofield Success! Silky sharks, Thresher sharks and Devil rays added to CITES Appendix II Johannesburg, October 4, 2016 – Conservationists are delighted that CITES* Parties have officially listed devil rays, thresher sharks, and the silky shark under CITES… Read More