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Diving Lake Tahoe In the Winter

Craig Bender   Jan 07, 2020

Winter Diving Lake Tahoe

As the days get shorter, Lake Tahoe has less sunshine to warm the water, so the temperature drop.  The visibility gets a little better and the boat traffic is gone.  It makes for a nice quiet time.  Great time to find treasures where the boat moorings are.  People drop all kinds of things from their boats and don't go down and get it.  We have found GoPro's, sunglasses, car keys, cell phones, and a lot of garbage.  Great time for a lake clean up.  If you pick up any garbage, check it and make sure that nothing is living in it before you take it.  We have spring and fall clean up dives to help keep Lake Tahoe a great place to dive.  On our calendar, we post the Fun Dives and we also post them on Facebook.  Web page and the Face book is Adventure Scuba Center.  If you have any questions, please contact us by phone, email.  775-826-5333 or