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Open Water Class at Lake Tahoe

Scott Hagen   Dec 17, 2019

This weekend PADI class was a great success. We had 8 students in the class and they all did very well. Paul, our youngest diver was 11years old. Myself and Mitch were the 2 instructors. The water tempature was 66 degrees at 25 feet. The location was Sand Harbor on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. It was a beautiful weekend. The weather was warm and sunny. Typical for Lake Tahoe in the summer. The beach was very busy, with people interested in what we were doing and what we saw in Lake Tahoe. At Adventure Scuba Center we train students in both PADI and NAUI classes. Along with Open Water Classes we train in many specialties, with the most popular ones being Altitude and Dry Suit Diving. If you would be interested in trying scuba diving at Lake Tahoe, we can do a Discover Local Diving at Lake Tahoe. Our contact information can be found on our website at