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  • SSI Specialties

SSI Specialties

SSI offers many Specialties to increase your skill levels and confidence underwater.  Some of the more popular ones are Dry Suit, Perfect Buoyancy, Altitude Diving, Navigation, and many more.

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SSI Specialties:

  • Altitude Diver
  • Boat Diving                                      
  • Dry Suit Diving
  • Photo and Video
  • Deep Diving
  • Marine Ecology
  • Night and Limited Visibility 
  • Perfect Buoyancy
  • Search & Recovery
  • Wreck Diving,
  • Navigation,
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Equipment Techniques
  • Recreational Sidemount Diving
  • Scooter and DPV Diving
  • Diver Stress and Rescue
  • React Right
  • Waves, Tides, and Currents
  • Shark Ecology
  • Science of Diving


If you just finished your Open Water and want to gain more experience and knowledge you can start with:

Specialty Diver  2 Specialties + 12 dives

Advanced Adventurer  5 Specialties Dives

Advanced Open Water Diver 4 Specialties + 24 Dives            

Master Diver: 4 Specialties + Stress and Rescue + 50 Dives


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