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  • Diver Stress & Rescue

Diver Stress & Rescue

Improve your confidence. Make diving safer for yourself and your buddies by learning how to rescue other divers without putting yourself in danger.

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Who Should Take This Class?

Scuba divers describe the Diver Stress & Rescue course as the most challenging, yet most rewarding course they’ve ever taken. Why? Because you learn to prevent and manage problems in the water and become more confident in your skills as a diver, knowing that you can help others if needed.

During the course, you learn to become a better buddy by practicing problem-solving skills until they become second nature. Plus, the course is just fun – it’s serious, but still allows for lots of laughter in between the focused learning. SSI(Junior) Adventure Divers who are at least 12 years old and have completed the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive may enroll in a Diver Stress & Rescue course.

You also need to have React Right Program training within the past 24 months. You can complete this training during the Diver Stress & Rescue course. Your instructor may also offer the SSI Emergency Oxygen Provider specialty diver course at the same time.

What You’ll Learn

The SSI Diver Stress & Rescue course prepares you to deal with dive emergencies, minor and major, using a variety of techniques. Through knowledge development and rescue exercises, you learn what to look for and how to respond. During rescue scenarios, you put into practice your knowledge and skills.

Topics include:

  • Self-rescue
  • Recognizing and managing stress in other divers
  • Emergency management and equipment
  • Rescuing panicked divers
  • Rescuing unresponsive divers

Required for Course

  • Class space is limited,  please call the shop at 775.826.5333 for more information.
  • You must stop by the shop to pick up course materials and to pay for the course.
  • Course homework is required to be done prior to the first class.


Adventure Scuba Center runs the React Right several times a year.  Call for details.

Students receive a 10% discount on any gear purchases


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